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Royalty free music perfect for…

● Videos ● TV Commercials ● Advertising ● YouTube Channels ● Stings ● Teasers ● Pilots ● Corporate Work ● Showreels ● Social Media projects ● Slideshows ● Vlog ● Podcast ● Television ● Radio ● Promo videos ● Science & Technology videos ● YouTube videos ● Film ● Web videos ● Corporate media ● Advertising ● Presentation ● Background ● Documentary ● TV show ● News ● TV Game ● Shows ● Cinema ● Movie ● Trailer ● Report ● Talk ● Talk Show ● News ● Breaking News ● Morning Show ● Video Game ● Gaming ● Corporate ● Instrumental ● Corporate ● Commercial ● Business ● Digital Marketing ● Presentation ● Story ● Animation Video


Atmosphere ● Atmospheric ● Cinematic ● Inspirational ● Inspiring ● Motivation ● Dramatic ● Love

Epic ● Motivational ● Chill ● Deep ● Emotional


When using a music for free please mention website link (http://mylicorne.com/) and Music composed by “Damien Sangally”

All free music downloads will be delivered has “mp3” and can only be used for non-profitable, non-commercial, public broadcast projects and nothing besides that. My Licorne must also be credited in the title and description as described above.

Please, keep in mind – before using this music for any commercial project, you must purchase a royalty free music licence that is suitable for yourself before releasing.

Royalty free music is not free!

“Royalty Free Music” means you can use it as long as desired after purchasing a license.

Royalty Free Music is not Copyright Free music.

“Public Performance” royalties are still owed to composers when their music is performed publicly (television, radio, etc.). However, the music purchaser never pay these royalties. It is the broadcaster who pays them via annual fees to the performing rights societies.

This track is P.R.O registered to “SACEM“.

Regardless If you’ve purchased a licence or not, register it to content ID system, adding lyrics, and/or redistribution are prohibited.

About My Licorne:

Multi-instrumentist and sound explorer I cultivated a taste for a mix of vintage and modern sound, using acoustic and electronic instruments to take you on a colorful musical roadtrip.

Your message is unique, let’s make it sound oustanding. πŸ˜ƒ

I mixed all my influences to composed this unique collection of songs, jingles and sound effects 🎢

I establish β€œMy Licorne” to help creators achieve the best high end quality in their content.

Excepted music in free download page, tracks are not registered to Youtube Content ID.

Feel free to contact us for custom work! πŸ“©

You can also check our free downloadable music for videos and free sound effects page! πŸŽ

Thank you for Listening! Good luck to you and your projects! Have a great day 🌴

What is royalty free music?

For a details explanation we have made a full article about royalty music HERE.

In a nutshell Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired.

Royalty Free Music is not a specific type of music it can be any genre from hip hop to orchestra to hard rock music.

It can be music for podcast, music for Vlog, music for broadcast, music for animation video, music for studying, music for video and a lot more.

Royalty Free Music is not Copyright Free music. β€œPublic Performance” royalties are still owed to composers when their music is performed publicly (television, radio, etc.). However, the music purchaser never pay these royalties. It is the broadcaster who pays them via annual fees to the performing rights societies.

Why use royalty free music?

Use free downloadable online music for commercial projet is not safe for content creator even if this one is marked as Β« FREE Β» like Β« background free music Β» for example . If a creator download music for videos randomnly without a proper license for his project most of the time the platform will delete content or block monetization. In both case this is a massive lose, royalty free music license guarantee the content to be safe and monetize smoothly.

Royalty free music for youtube : A classic example is youtube with the content ID system, content ID can detect any copyright music infringement with an automatic algorithm. If a creator download free musics for youtube videos this can happen any time, when the video is uploaded but also years later when a composer decide to finally register his track. The only way to be safe with your content is to have a licence to present to Youtube if asked or to make sure your track is not register and will not be register later in the system. Royalty free music can provide this guarantee.

Good news we are not part of the content ID (except music in free download page)! All tracks at Mylicorne.com are cleared for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Podcast and Twitch.

Still confused? Please read our ultimate guide HERE.

How to use royalty free music?

This is a very simple process.

  1. Well done! Your are at Mylicorne the coolest audio library!
  2. Choose your track
  3. Make sure you purchase a license that cover your needs (to make it simple we have only 1 license to cover all needs)
  4. Your new track is on your desktop, you are ready to go!

If you want to know more about royalty free music we made a full article here

For non commercial project you can also use :

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