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16 December 2019| mylicorne

Music’s the language we all understand. No race, tribe or religion can limit how deep a song’s message can penetrate the heart. But, royalty fees can. That is why royalty free music comes in handy. It allows all music lovers to access downloadable tunes after settling the fees at first. This permits you to download music for videos, get free website music and distribute music freely without fear of piracy.  

It is important to understand how royalty free music which we will define later on this article came about.

The Genesis of Royalty Free Music

TV producers and their radio counterparts create content daily. Sometimes, these media producers play music from other artists in between their programs. This calls for licensing. But, for how long will these producers keep going back for licenses from the original producers of this content? How efficient is that? First, it wastes time. Secondly, it is expensive.

What if there was a provision for one to acquire a license by making a one off payment that will cater for all the times he/she uses the music either through playing it or via distribution. Playing background music is only a spice used by producers to make TV or radio programs synch and more entertaining. This means producers don’t have to sweat in searching for licenses every other time. This creates a need for royalty free music.

What Is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is a one off music license payment plan allowing you to play music as many times as you wish. Once you make a purchase, you will not be subjected to subsequent payments of royalty fees again like it is the norm.

There is a fallacy that royalty free music will cost you nothing. Royalty free music is not entirely free. As defined above, this kind of music will cost you money when you purchase it. The only difference is you won’t be charged extra royalties as you use or distribute the music content. Free royalty music frees one from bondages of regular royalty payment.

The word “free” in this context is used to mean exemption from paying royalties for playing and distributing music. In a nutshell, royalty free music will cost you money to purchase but not to use the music. Thus, you will be free from copyright music restrictions and will be able to access free music with videos.

In most cases, royalty free music dealers buy music for use in video marketing. They use these videos on their websites in various ways. If you have a music background, you know one required to pay acquisition fees and follow up with subsequent royalty fees every time they use content created by others.

When you acquire a music license, a royalty free music permit will cost you say $ 500. Once you pay that initial amount, you are free to use the content as many ways as you wish. You have the leeway to create music that is copyright free and decide how many people you will distribute the music to. Whether you opt to circulate the music to a thousand or one million people then the choice is all yours.

Music Licensing

Every production is creator-owned. Therefore, you have to pay specific royalty fees depending on the specific occasion or the way you want to distribute the music. There are three types of music licenses. The first kind is referred to as synchronization. This permits use of someone else’s music besides other productions. In many cases, you’ll hear a deejay mix beats from a certain producer with lyrics from another artiste to spice up a song. To do so, he/she needs a synchronizing license in order to avoid getting into trouble with the original content developers. After recording his/her works, the deejay uploads the music downloadable free on their social media platforms.

The second type of music license is mechanical copyright. This permits a producer to make copies of fresh releases featuring content with copyrights. I am sure you have heard artists do covers for hits and popular songs. These versions are a creation founded by copyrighted music. Mechanical royalty free music allows creative producers create new content from existing content without getting into problems with the copyright police.

The third type is performance. Public performances are on the rise. Some events are graced by talented singers who have never recorded their own songs. Still, these talented voices have to perform music that is free for the fans to have a moment of their lives. In order for the performance to go on uninterrupted by copyright officials, you need a performance permit. But, with royalty free music all these copyrights are taken care of.

Licensing Agencies

There are millions of content creators with productions online. On the same note, there are billions of consumers of this content. For this content to reach these billions of clients, distributors are important. Since these suppliers are making money from others’ creativity, they need to submit a portion of the proceeds to the source of this productions.

Now, imagine the millions of content creators going to claim royalties by themselves from consumers and distributors. It would be chaotic. That is why a system of collection for royalties had to be set to put the process in order.

Licensing agencies are bodies mandated to collect royalties on behalf of artists from consumers and retailers of their original works. Licensing agencies have the authority to act on behalf of producers.

How do these bodies do so? First, they issue licenses which can only be acquired through payment of a set amount of money.  Failure to pay this amount will surely land you in trouble if caught distributing music you do not own the copyrights. As a consequence, you risk being penalized thus required to submit an extra amount of money.

The advantage of licensing agencies to royalty free music dealers

Licensing agencies bring about order and efficiency. This is important for dealers in royalty free music since the process of submitting the initial payment before enjoying royalty free music distribution and content recreation is streamlined. As a result, the dealers save time and money.

The disadvantage of licensing agencies to royalty free music dealers

Licensing agencies reinforce royalty collection. Therefore, a dealer is forced to pay for a royalty free music license. This is an increase in expense thus less income for the dealer.

Perhaps the first time you saw the word “free” in the phrase ‘royalty free music’ you thought you will not pay anything to acquire this license. Well, you must be shocked to realize the free is not absolute. In this case it might have been used to mean less or not as the norm dictates. Therefore, the term free only applies after payment of the initial purchase fee. Once that acquisition fee is settled, then you are good to have a free use and reuse of the free music copyright.

Content ID Explanation

Content ID is an online police strategy used to protect copyright owners from work duplication by other content creators. Normally, content owners submit their downloadable music for YouTube. Once that is done, a database similar to a notary is kept.

Music platforms like Youtube use content ID to shield its clients from piracy. Creative minds have to be compensated for their good works. Piracy only undermines these artists’ efforts, therefore, the practice has to be combated by all means. How possible is that in an online space where stealing and enhancement of others’ works is simple? Piracy sites with free music for downloading are everywhere giving access people access to free music for download mp3.

Content ID runs a background check with every new content uploaded by other creators. The music or video must be unique in order to get a clean bill of health. In case copyrights are violated, the content will receive a content ID claim.

Once the content gets the ID claim, the original owner is notified and gets to decide the fate of this uploader. There are various options available for the owner of the copyright violated content. He/she may choose to make money from the content or have the content pulled down.

Should the content owner monetize the content or have it pulled down?

Before making a final decision on what to do with users of your work, it is important to evaluate what is at stake. At first, you would want the content to be brought down with immediate effect. I mean, who is that with the guts to upload your music content without your permission or payment of royalties?

It may or may not be wise to block the copyright violated content from viewership. What if you need more audience and this is an opportunity to reach out? Well, perhaps that person using your content might be doing you a favor by marketing you more. That is why you should as well consider holding back your reactions first, watch out how the post performs before taking action.

Most businesses know how to capitalize on opportunities. They turn violations into chances to make money from. That is why if you handle such a case well you could end up making more money and reaching out to a bigger audience.

While the final decision is yours to make, you might as well consider putting ads on the video infringing copyright. The gains of these adds will be directed to the copyright owner. This way both the violator wins and you win bigger.

Well, if you think the other party using your content threatens your brand, do not hesitate to take stringent actions. Let the content be taken down with immediate action.

Royalty free music advantage regarding content ID

1.             You Tube channel clearance

In some instances, one finds themselves on the wrong side of the content ID regulations. Once you receive a warning on violation of copyrights do not tense. At this point, it is important to know how to get out of trouble. To settle a content ID claim, you need to get clearance from YouTube.

The minimum standard is having five licensed songs on your channel. Royalty free music now comes to play. Once you purchase five tracks licensed as royalty free, you will have your channel cleared from ID claims, allowing your clients to download tunes freely.

But, why a royalty free music license? The reason is this. All the other types of permits will require you to be purchasing a license every time you want to use the music. Why all that struggle when you could make a one off payment and use the content as you wish without worry of getting another content ID claim? Be wise to avoid trouble again.

2.             Ability to monetize other’s works

Only a content owner has a right to monetize his works. Is that true? Not really. Did you know, with a royalty free music license you have the permission to use other’s content even to make money yourself. Although, this is subject to some requirements. That’s how advantageous a royalty free music license can be. It allows you to grow with others’ content but this will require you to make the initial one off payment without fail.

Significance of Content ID

Without content ID, You Tube cannot support and assist their clients when they get a claim. It is so unfortunate there are mean organizations taking ownership of content that doesn’t belong to them. This puts all content creators at risk of piracy or losing their production to others unsuspectingly.

Well, with content ID, YouTube has the power to flash out rotten organizations and individuals wanting to own and make financial gains using other people’s creativity.

Imagine receiving a matched third party content claim for content that belongs to you. This happens often especially when others take ownership of content that doesn’t belong to them. The only way You Tube can settle such a case is through content ID. With this technology it is able to establish who the rightful owner of the disputed works is.

Pivotal in aiding the effectiveness of content ID is AdRev. What is AdRev? First of all, it is important to outline the relationship between AdRev and YouTube. The two are partners whose union is focused in ensuring no one takes ownership of another’s music or content on You Tube.

AdRev allows an artist to register and manage his/her content on You Tube. This cataloguing routes out the possibility of piracy and unlawful registrations of others’ works as yours. Once the record has been updated, no one will ever take ownership of your creative property. The work will belong to you as registered for eternity.

Content ID has had a huge impact on how You Tube users distribute music. You Tube is an opportunity to make money through musical downloads and that is why organizations and individuals are ready to take ownership of content that belong to others just to make money. With the existing partnership between AdRev and content ID, that has been minimized. All you need is to register your creative works with AdRev as soon as you publish your content on You Tube.

In doing so, you give yourself power to;

•  administer over your content

•  monetize your work, and

•  protect your work from piracy

In addition, you give You Tube the power to defend you in case there is a content ID claim.

Benefits of Royalty Free Music

There is no limit to creativity, but there is one when it comes to using content from other content creators. The benefits of royalty free music come out clearly only when a comparison is done between this licensing option and other options.

When it comes to licensing, you may choose to use someone else’s music with or without their permission. Each decision has its consequence. To avoid facing these consequences, others choose to hire artists for self-recording while other producers think royalty free music is the solution. Lets’ see how using the last option is more beneficial than the rest of the other options.

1. Royalty free music is relatively cheaper

Think about hiring an artist for self-recording. That’s an option if you want to avoid the tedious licensing processes. But, how economical is that?

Royalty music will set you back a few dollars during acquisition. Once you’re done with the purchase, you will be free to use the music without any more payments. In comparison to hiring an artiste, you’ll have to pay them every time you want a new music done. In the long run, hiring a self-performing musician is unsustainable.

2. Ads free posts

Once a content ID claim has been raised on your post, the owner of the content has the power to choose what to do with the post. One option is running ads on your post.

That means involuntary sales and marketing for someone else. Why should you work for someone else? Avoid having ads put on your post by purchasing a royalty free music license.

3. Blocked posts

Royalty free music will save your posts from being blocked. Using other’s music whether licensed with permission or without permission, puts your post at the mercy of the copyright owner. He/she may decide to block your post.

Royalty free music is beneficial because you have the license and permission to use music that does not belong to you. Blocking your posts will deny you more views which directly translates to loss of money.

4. Safe from suits

This is another important benefit of royalty free music that normally goes unnoticed. Using property that does not belong to you requires permission from the owner. Without this permission, you risk being sued or slapped with a court case.

Does it have to get there? No, it doesn’t. making use of a royalty free music license will save you and your channel drama. It will save you time and money. Besides, you will protect your brand name.

Royalty free music is beneficial in many ways. In a nutshell, you get to save money, time, and protect your brand.

Where to Find Royalty Music

Did you know, your audience will keep on staring at that advert just because there’s background music playing? The funny thing is, whether they understand the music language or not, they will keep listening and watching. In fact, the viewers will fall in love with your brand even more. That is the addictive power of music. it has the power to keep your followers staring. It has the ability to convince your audience that the product you are marketing is worth a purchase even if they would have thought otherwise.

The question is, how readily available are creative musicians? How affordable and sustainable is it to hire an artist when you have a tight video marketing budget? Common sense dictates it is not feasible.

That is the reason why you will most likely just have to settle for royalty free music. This will allow you to manage your finances well while hitting targets. But, where do you find royalty free music?

There is an availability of options where you could source your music from. The problem is sieving the right quality and tailoring the music to fit your audience. The list below consists of sources of royalty music that could work well with any type of listeners and viewers.

1.             mylicorne.com

If you want a user friendly website that gives you any kind of royalty free music you want, mylicorne.com is what you have been looking for. The site has music’s free download for your vlog, television, podcast, AR & VR, and voice assistant.

In terms of price, the mylicorne website charges an unbelievably low amount. The subdued price is what others would love to call cheap. The free for music website is just affordable! The best news is you get what you pay for. There is value for your money in addition to free music download for youtube.

Mylicorne.com royalty free music can be used online, on social events and even for real estate marketing. The diversity does not end there. Music from this audio library can be broadcasted to an unlimited audience. Furthermore, you may create duplicates of all downloads/products. You can also find free downloadable music for videos.

2.             PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat is another popular royalty free music dealer. The Shutterstock owned dealer has a music collection rich in depth, width and breadth. The options are wide you may be get confused which song to settle for.

Their music is created by experts of their own and can be classified based on the following criteria:

•              Mood

•              BPM

•              Instruments

•              Artists

Not only that, PremiumBeat gives suggestions to its consumers with the most popular songs ranking high on the recommendations’ list. Apart from offering youtubers music downloads, this dealer has an editorial team that updates the latest best 857 songs for its clients on their site. You can also download music for video on this platform.

3.             Epidemic sound

The best creations of talent are those borne out of collaborations. Teamwork has always been a game changer especially in the world of creativity.

Epidemic sound has more than 750 music albums. Within this diversity, there are both business and corporate friendly tracks you may use to drive your organization’s sales upwards.

Did you know tracks originating from Epidemic sounds attract up to twenty billion views per month on youtube in total? Now you know. These staggering figures are only a proof of quality for Epidemic’s quality sounds.  

4.             Artlist

Developers of the Artlist website did a good job in designing the site. The user-friendly site offers a variety of video types. From offering interactive to animated videos, Artlist has an endless list of video varieties on display.

Other options are live action and demo videos. There is also a provision for those who are not sure of the kind of videos they want to watch. This coverage allows Artlist reach out to a wider audience. Furthermore, there is availability of music for video youtube that is good for the video marketer and consumer.

The video marketer will have a simple time creating a catchy content. This attraction will drive in sales. On the other hand, clients will have a chance to be entertained.

5.             Pond5

Pond5 is globally ranked first in terms of the number of music tracks the stock keeps. There are half a million songs in the Pond5 collection.

With such a variety, be sure to find exactly what you want as exact as you want it. Since 500,000 is a huge number to be thrown on a website just like that, the site has done a good job in arranging the songs in a systematic manner.

With a good arrangement, selection is easy. Pond5 is also affordable and has different payment plans for different royalty music packages.

6.             Audiojungle

Audiojungle like the name suggests is an audio bush. It has a variety of royalty free music to offer. Finding music video free on this site is a possibility. In addition to that, it has sound effects easily usable by a deejay and lovable by your audience.

This source of royalty music is one of the few offering monthly discounts and additions including stock footage and photography.

7.             Bensound

Bensound is a royalty free music provider.

What is the price range for Bensound? It is free but with an option of paying a $129 one off remittance that opens a window of unlimited downloads for a year. You will find royalty free music for youtube on this site.

Why Bensound?

This royalty free music provider has a cinematic website. The site hosts many tracks but with a considerably lower amount of tracks. Bensound has free songs with many of the songs for youtube. The best part about Bensound is the fantastic touch and uniqueness in its music selection.

The fact that Bensound music has been severally selected to feature in a number of projects is proof enough this provider is doing its homework well.

8.             Music vine

We all want music providers who’ve already sorted songs for us. By classifying music into genres, Music vine wins our hearts. Not only that, the Music vine team works with almost 200 gifted artists to ensure clients get customer specific songs for their video marketing.

On Music vine’s site, it is possible to use the filter option to make searches faster and more productive. Therefore, be sure to spend the least time possible on this site compared to other royalty free music providers.

Music vine also uses its site to appreciate the musicians it collaborated with. That is why a whole section of their website is dedicated to these talented artists to appreciate them and expose them to the world of better opportunities.

9.             Soundstripe

Soundstripe is another royalty free music distributor that appreciates the power of partnerships. The music dealer has collaborations with a century of talented, gifted and enthusiastic artists.

This depth in abilities mashed up with Soundstrip’s already established market has seen creation of wonderful music. The partnership has seen creation of more than 50 playlists. This creation has catered for all kinds of tastes and events. Some are sport specific while others are meant for weddings and other social events.

Soundstripe is user friendly. Why do we say so, and why do we like it that way? What makes this site user friendly?

First of all, creating a Soundstripe account is possible. But, what next after creation of an account? You may engage in quite a number of activities. These activities include following artists and making your personal playlist.

10.          YouTube audio library

Perhaps the most popular royalty free music source. Away from popularity, what does this provider have to offer? YouTube audio licensing is free. In addition, the provider’s audio library is big, wide and deep.

When searching, you may opt to customize the search to your liking. You may do this through sorting. There are different sorting options including; genre, artists or even mood. Always keep in mind music hits right when the right mood of music meets a person’s right moods.

Finding the right source of royalty free music shapes a lot. It determines the quality of music you get and the type of audience you will attract. That is why you cannot settle for anything short of high quality. The list mentioned above with the ten sources of royalty music is reliable and one whose results are undisputable.


When it comes to online content creation and distribution, creativity is not a challenge. Instead, crossing licensing barriers is the greatest challenger. You need to watch out not to violate copyright laws. To play safe, you need a royalty free music provider. Partnering with trusted royalty free music dealers like mylicorne.com will save you from content ID claims. It is also important to keep in mind royalty free does not mean the music is absolutely free from royalties. It simply means you will pay for purchase but not for subsequent use or distribution of the content.

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